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SYL-129 3-in-1 Micro-crystal Dermabrasion

SYL-129 3-in-1 Micro-crystal Dermabrasion



The three-function, dual-mode dermabrasion SYL-129A has versatility on its side. It can be used for either Micro-crystal Dermabrasion or Diamond Dermabrasion depending on your client’s preferences or skin needs. Plus, it also has an Auto-clean feature to ensure smooth, no crystal clogging operation each time. Dermabrasion procedures deliver that newly-revealed, younger, fresher, and rejuvenated skin hidden under the usually dried out top layer.


Packing Size: 56x42x38cm 

Voltage: 100V-120V/60HZ     220V-240V/50HZ

Power: 300W

G.W.: 28KG